How to be successful

Does anybody truly know how to be successful? Numerous books have been written

How to be successful

how to be successful

about this and there are plenty of people who are rich and famous who probably have an idea or two about the subject. It all comes down to, though, your own personal definition of success. We hear stories all the time about rich and famous people who are still struggling to be happy and fulfilled. If your definition of success includes peace of mind, happiness, and fulfillment, then wealth and fame alone does not necessarily equal success.

Some years ago a psychic told my mom that both of her children were going to be very successful. My mom’s response was “When?” It was a definite eye-opener that my mom didn’t consider me or my brother to already be “very successful.” You see, I measure success by a different standard than my mom had for me. If I can feel gratitude, love, joy, hope, and contentment, then I am already successful. If I can wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead, then I am even more successful. If I can manifest my heart’s desires, then I am truly successful.

If you are looking to be “truly successful” and you share my definitions and you’d like a little help getting there, please contact, and we can see if my coaching is a possible good fit for you!






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Dorie's Angel Messages inspire us to find joy and power within.

I love numerology because of its fascinating insights. From a numerological standpoint, 11-11-11 is a special day, because 11 is a special, indivisible number of great significance.

According to Louise Hay, if you are having an “11” day, be prepared to be inspired or to inspire others. Just imagine the pure potential of an 11-11-11 day!!

I was going to recommend taking some time to meditate on your desires for the world, your family and friends, and yourself…then, I received an email containing this link. I can’t say it any better than Aine Belton does in this blogpost:

May I also highly recommend my friend Dorie Bowlin’s blogpost:

Dorie is a psychic extraordinaire who communicates with angels. She is very inspirational – perfect for a day like 11-11-11.

Enjoy the higher energies!






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Forgive to Win!

Forgive to Win! This book can change your life.

Forgive to Win! End self-sabotage. Get everything you want. That is the message that Dr. Walter E. Jacobson proclaims in his new book Forgive to Win!

Jacobson brilliantly prescribes a “forgiveness diet,” daily steps you can take to change your life and see improvements in your well-being.

Today only, go to  Forgive to Win! and receive an abundance of free gifts when you buy this best-selling book!

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What does it mean to be courageous?

For me, just yesterday it meant: getting a pink hair extension, admitting to strangers that I’m intuitive (I’m working my way up to “a bit psychic”), and creating feng shui angels out of pine cones, paint, glitter glue, and other craft supplies and then daring to put the finished results up for sale.

The root of the word “courage” is “cour,” meaning heart.  So being courageous simply means living from the heart. Is it really that simple? Yes, it really is that simple,
and that terrifying.

To be courageous, to truly live from the heart, means living out of your fourth chakra, or heart center. The biggest obstacle to living a heart-centered life is FEAR: Fear of what your family or friends might say if you really acted like your authentic self; fear of what your income might look like if you really did the work that your heart desires you to do; fear of all the changes that might occur if you really worked to get your head and heart in
alignment, and led with your heart.

I see a lot of big “buts” coming at me! “But the economy is so bad…but nobody will pay me for doing that…but who’s going to believe me, trust me, buy that from me, want me”….the list goes on and on, excuses every one!  These are all excuses born out of fear.

Who is courageous? Protesters occupying Wall Street because they have had enough of Wall Street shenanigans – they are pretty courageous. Lady Gaga is courageous, because she refuses to conform to typical standards of pop-star beauty. Taylor Swift is courageous, because her typical standard of pop-star beauty expresses who she really is. Pregnant women are courageous, because despite what appears to be a pretty hellacious landscape outside, they still are volunteering to carry hope for the future inside.

What is one step you can do today to be courageous? If you are not sure, sign up for my free e-book, How to Find Your Aces in the Hole. It will guide you to plenty of personal courageous steps. Go ahead…be courageous.

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Nearly 1000 Ways to Transform Your Life This Summer

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Will You Miss the Food Pyramid?

USDA food plate replaces PyramidThe familiar food pyramid has become a relic. In the future, expect it to be dug up, investigated, and analyzed just like its Egyptian counterparts.

Under First Lady Michelle Obama’s direction, the food pyramid is being replaced by a plate, half of it filled with fruits and vegetables. Why should we care? Never underestimate the power of symbols.

The new plate symbol is fascinating for a few reasons:
1. Half a plate of fruits and vegetables is an easy-to-understand symbol and seems easier to accomplish than eating two to four servings of vegetables a day and two to four servings of fruit a day. Research has shown that most people don’t accomplish that goal. The food pyramid was just too big a mountain to climb!
2. The circle symbol, a feminine archetype, is replacing the pyramid symbol, a masculine archetype. The Age of Aquarius is bringing in feminine nurturing power to balance the masculine aggressive power we’ve been dealing with for centuries. We are looking at a lighter, more nurturing way of eating, and a circle symbol fits this idea perfectly.

I can swallow mind persuasion from the USDA as long as it does no harm. I can’t think of much harm that can come from the new plate guidelines, can you?

I’m a big believer in listening to your body and eating what it craves. This takes some practice, especially given all the advertising we are exposed to day in and day out about pills we should take and fast food we should eat, although, to be fair, fast food restaurants are attempting to serve healthier fare of late.

What really drives our food choices is our energy levels. If our auras, the energetic shields around us, are vibrating at a higher frequency, we will tend to want lighter, higher vibration foods, like colorful fruits and vegetables. Conversely, when we eat more fruits and vegetables, we feel lighter and our vibration naturally rises. That is a fantastic circle to get into. When I’ve been doing energy work and my vibration is raised, I do want to eat fruits and vegetables as a natural craving. Sometimes, I just want to feel grounded and  cozy at home with a bowl of beef stew. It reminds me of my grandma. And – it has at least one serving of vegetables!

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Mash of funk and blues?

Are you a mash of funk and blues? Don’t know how to get out of your current situation?

 Feeling low-down? So low it hurts to look up? 

It may just be time to give what you need to receive. 

If you need a hug, give a hug. If you need a smile, give a smile. 

If you need cash fast, give cash fast. That’s right, you heard me. There are plenty of people out there in much worse shape than you. Find one of them and hand them a dollar or two. Nothing raises your vibration faster than helping out a fellow human being. 

The great and wonderful Thich Nhat Hanh says: “Nothing compels us, except the joy of sharing peace, the joy of sharing freedom from afflictions, freedom from worries, freedom from craving, which are the true foundations for happiness.” 

Sure, it may seem counterintuitive. If you are running low on cash, why would you give some of it away? Well, the great masters say that doing so is a quick way to foster an attitude of gratitude. And an attitude of gratitude is the quickest way out of your mash of funk and blues. 

Journey to Well-Being e-workbookI’m giving something away. It’s an e-workbook called Journey to Well-Being. In it you will find ways to get started again on your path. Just enter your name and email address in the box to the right to get instant access to the book. Enjoy!

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