Mary Sue Penn

Mary Sue Penn studied under and was certified by the creator of Radiant Heart Therapy, Dr. Sher Wendt. Radiant Heart Therapy is a system of energy healing that gives a patient the energetic tools he or she needs to face and release stored emotions. Penn offers custom-tailored energy healing through Radiant Heart Therapy and Reiki sessions. See Feeling Stuck?

Penn also is a Reiki master who uses a variety of techniques in her healing work. She believes that just as Western medicine must be geared with proper dosages to the specific needs of individual patients, so too must alternative remedies be individually specified. Penn uses a variety of healing methods in her work: in addition to Radiant Heart Therapy and Reiki, she also relies on numerology, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound therapy, chakra clearing, and assorted divination techniques. She currently practices energy healing at Zen Wellness Spa in Dyer, IN and also offers over-the-phone energy healing sessions. To request a session or receive more information, please email msp@getmeinmetaphysicalshape.com

Penn recently was certified as a Success Coach and enjoys helping people break through obstacles and shift their beliefs so that they can become more and more authentic, abundant, and joyful! A new website for Penn’s coaching business is coming soon!

Penn also is an award-winning journalist, author, and painter whose works have appeared in the Paul Henry Gallery in Hammond, Indiana.

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