Feeling Stuck?

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Tune up your Energy System through Deep Chakra Clearing and Healing

In this 3-week program scheduled at your convenience, Mary Sue Penn will work with you individually in guided sessions to uncover emotional blocks and relieve longstanding negative patterns within your energy system. Here’s what you will experience. You will:

  • Open your heart to connect with people and improve relationships.
  • Free yourself from subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the life you are meant to lead.
  • Experience self-empowerment to fully be yourself and believe in yourself.
  • Find greater energy, contentment, and stress relief.
  • Release long-standing emotions that lead to aches, pains, and disease. Chronic store emotions = chronic pain.
  • Connect to higher energy and healing energy.
  • Increase your self-esteem.
  • Keep your energy system clean and clear to feel lighter and brighter.

Mary Sue Penn is a Reiki Master and certified Radiant Heart Therapy practitioner. She is an energy worker who guides clients to find and release stuck energy and emotional blocks in the body.

3-week Energy Healing Program, $120

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“After three over-the-phone sessions with Mary Sue, I began to notice improvements. I feel more grounded at work and a co-worker has begun treating me better. I have been asked to become a manager at work, something that others have said normally takes about two years! My relationship with my wife is improving little by little; even the children are calmer. I have started attracting little things into my life that will bring additional improvements.” –Conrad Steele